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  1. Study: Why a spritz of water before grinding coffee yields less waste, tastier espresso

    "It turns out you can’t cut corners if you want to achieve excellence.”

  2. AMD’s new Ryzen 8040 laptop chips look a lot like the Ryzen 7040 CPUs

    Improved AI performance is this familiar-looking chip's main innovation.

  3. Cable lobby to FCC: Please don’t look too closely at the prices we charge

    ISPs are scared about the FCC's plan to measure broadband affordability.

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  1. Google launches Gemini—a powerful AI model it says can surpass GPT-4

    Google claims Gemini beats GPT-4 in "30 of the 32 widely used academic benchmarks."

  2. Apple admits to secretly giving governments push notification data

    Apple to update transparency report to break out push notification data requests.

  3. Volumetric LED candle looks the same from any angle—and looks like amazing work

    Re-creating a candle's multi-angle glow requires a lot of small-scale soldering.

  4. Google Search results are showing Reddit URLs altered to include a slur

    Google "indexing those malformed URLs and serving them instead of the correct ones."

  5. Apple wants iPhone 16 极速168飞艇一分钟一期官网开奖:揭晓最新开奖号码

    Apple is looking to diversify its supply chains amid growing geopolitical tension.

  6. Daily Telescope: A super-hot jet 1,000 light-years from Earth

    Molecules in the outflows from the young stars are excited by the turbulent conditions.

  7. The Morgan XP-1 is an extremely eccentric English electric vehicle

    The three-wheel convertible EV weighs little, so should actually be quite efficient.

  8. NASA says SpaceX’s next Starship flight could test refueling tech

    SpaceX appears on track for at least a preliminary propellant transfer test next year.

  9. Man dies on way home from Panera after having three “charged” lemonades

    A large lemonade contains up to 390 mg of caffeine, nearly the FDA's daily safe limit.

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  1. The Fallout TV series trailer is here, and it’s loaded with homages to the games

    The show looks faithful—maybe to a fault. Let's look at what the trailer reveals.

  2. New report illuminates why OpenAI board said Altman “was not consistently candid”

    Insider report details clash over one board member's criticism in an academic paper.

  3. Due to AI, “We are about to enter the era of mass spying,” says Bruce Schneier

    Schneier: AI will enable a shift from observing actions to interpreting intentions, en masse.

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  1. PlayStation is erasing 1,318 seasons of Discovery shows from customer libraries

    The change comes as Warner Bros. tries to add subscribers to Max, Discovery+ apps.

  2. The OnePlus 12 packs a 5400 mAh battery, up to 24GB of RAM

    As usual, OnePlus is launching first in China, with a US launch happening in 2024.

  3. Unproven AI face scans may estimate age for porn access in UK

    UK expects to finalize its latest plan to age-gate the Internet in early 2025.

  4. Want a small, cheap EV? The Fiat 500e is coming to the US in 2024

    The diminutive Italian electric city car has an EPA range of 149 miles.

  5. Unlocking the secrets of oobleck—strange stuff that’s both liquid and solid

    Scientists tested hypothesis with dense suspensions of piezoelectric nanoparticles.

  6. Tesla whistleblower calls cars with Autopilot “experiments in public roads”

    Whistleblower speaks out after Tesla sued him over document leaks.

  1. Windows 10 gets three more years of security updates, if you can afford them

    Windows 10 gets a version of the program that extended updates for Windows 7.

  2. IBM, Meta form “AI Alliance” with 50 organizations to promote open source AI

    What's the opposite of OpenAI? IBM and Meta devise plan that includes 50 members.

  3. YouTuber pilot regrets intentionally crashing plane, gets 6 months in prison

    YouTuber took plea deal, dodged maximum sentence of 20 years.

  4. When can we expect a PC version of Grand Theft Auto VI?

    History suggests PC port could come months or years after planned 2025 console launch.

  5. Green card applicants targeted by Section 702 foreign intelligence bill

    Immigrants and visitors would get same levels of scrutiny as suspected terrorists, spies.

  6. Beeper Mini for Android sends and receives iMessages, no Mac server required

    Co-founder says it's a security improvement for everyone and should be legal.

  7. 中国体育彩票-飞艇168官方开奖网

    India now credibly has the third most advanced deep-space program in the world.

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