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  1. The Fallout TV series trailer is here, and it’s loaded with homages to the games

    The show looks faithful—maybe to a fault. Let's look at what the trailer reveals.

  2. When can we expect a PC version of Grand Theft Auto VI?

    History suggests PC port could come months or years after planned 2025 console launch.

  3. Grand Theft Auto VI trailer arrives early with a crime-crazy Florida

    First female protagonist and sun-soaked, satire-drenched tone on display.

  4. After a chaotic three years, GPU sales are starting to look normal-ish again

    Supply and demand are syncing back up after years of GPU market turmoil.

  5. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf teaser proves EA hasn’t forgotten about the game

    A full trailer and release date announcement are being promised for next summer.

  6. The surprisingly robust careers of Star Trek stars who became video game voice actors

    Yes, that really is Quark's voice you're hearing.

  7. Reminder: Donate to win swag in our annual Charity Drive sweepstakes

    Add to a charity haul that's already raised over $8,500 in less than a week.

  8. My long quest to revive a ’90s Windows gaming cult classic

    Pendulumania is a testament to addictive game design and Windows app portability.

  9. Netflix lands its first big-name games with Grand Theft Auto trilogy

    Package includes GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas.

  10. Unity lays off hundreds of Weta Digital engineers as it pivots back to games

    More cuts likely as troubled engine maker seeks to "increase our focus on our core."

  11. Baldur’s Gate 3 bug caused by game’s endless mulling of evil deeds

    "Unnoticed and eternally active acts of theft and violence" to be fixed soon.

  12. Win hardware, collectibles, and more in the 2023 Ars Technica Charity Drive

    Help yourself to prizes by helping us raise money for good causes.

  1. Guidemaster: Game controllers to turn your smartphone into a mobile gaming machine

    Amp up your smartphone gaming experience with these game controllers.

  2. DOS_deck offers free, all-timer DOS games in a browser, with controller support

    Playing Warcraft in a browser, using a controller, somehow feels… okay?

  3. GameMaker throws shade at Unity, makes its 2D engine free or $100 for most

    For most games, a license is either free or the cost of a medium-nice dinner.

  4. Review: New Atari 2600+ doesn’t justify its plus sign

    $130 nostalgia box is useful for seeing your old cartridges in HD, and that's about it.

  5. Infocom’s ingenious code-porting tools for Zork and other games have been found

    The Z-machine allowed porting from mainframes to TRS-80, Apple II, and others.

  6. Measured: Steam Deck OLED’s major input lag improvements

    Games are more responsive on the OLED screen, even when running at 60 fps or below.

  7. Cities: Skylines 2’s troubled launch, and why simulation games are freaking hard

    Elaborate parking booths, Q4 financials, game engines, and the nature of sims.

  8. Valve celebrates 25 years of Half-Life with feature-packed Steam update

    New MP maps, widescreen/Steam Deck support, and more come amid "free to keep" weekend.

  9. Steam Deck system update greatly improves older LCD displays, too

    New settings let users adjust color vibrance, temperature.

  10. Pelosi attacker found guilty after pointing to Gamergate influence at trial

    DePape: Searches for game tips led to "talk about how toxic Anita Sarkeesian is..."

  11. Review: Switch’s Super Mario RPG remake updates one of the SNES’s weird gems

    Beginner-friendly RPG is true to the original, but with new graphics and sound.

  12. KeeperFX keeps Dungeon Keeper alive by making it actually playable

    I remember not liking this game, until I played this passion project version.

  1. Review: Steam Deck OLED’s brilliant screen fixes the portable’s biggest flaw

    New upgrade packs plenty of quality-of-life improvements but no power boost.

  2. Why we had to wait nearly two years for an OLED Steam Deck

    "We would have had to delay the original Steam Deck by 12 to 18 months..."

  3. The Steam Deck OLED looks as good as it can get, at least until the real sequel

    Bigger, brighter screen, sure, but lots of other little updates, too.

  4. Mario Kart 8 update nerfs controversial “sandbagging” strategy

    Nine years after launch, racers can't intentionally hang back for the best items anymore.

  5. Steam might let you hide those embarrassing games in your profile soon

    "Mark as Private" would let players of… certain games keep them off timelines.

  6. Epic lays out Google’s alleged “bribe and block” monopoly strategy in trial opening

    Google says "bribe is a pretty strong word" for efforts to court app developers.

  7. The Legend of Zelda is getting a live-action film from Nintendo and Sony

    Maze Runner director, Jurassic World writer, and no release date yet.

  8. Xbox moderation team turns to AI for help filtering a flood of user content

    Automated language/vision models help evaluate player reports, Gamerpic uploads, and more.

  9. PS5 “Slim” teardowns suggest same chip, not much shrinking, but nifty disc drive

    It's an improvement, but not like the notable gains of previous "slim" models.

  10. Decades after “breakup,” Doom’s Carmack and Romero are rehashing their legacy

    Despite reports of workplace tension, the two Johns insist they're still friendly.

  11. Why today’s Epic v. Google trial is (and isn’t) a repeat of Epic v. Apple

    Epic says Google puts up "myriad contractual and technical barriers" for sideloading.

  12. Diablo IV will get its first expansion and WoW Classic will revisit Cataclysm

    Blizzard also announced three (yes, three) World of Warcraft expansions.