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  1. Meta’s new AI image generator was trained on 1.1 billion Instagram and Facebook photos

    "Imagine with Meta AI" turns prompts into images, trained using public Facebook data.

  2. Google launches Gemini—a powerful AI model it says can surpass GPT-4

    Google claims Gemini beats GPT-4 in "30 of the 32 widely used academic benchmarks."

  3. Just about every Windows and Linux device vulnerable to new LogoFAIL firmware attack

    UEFIs booting Windows and Linux devices can be hacked by malicious logo images.

  4. New report illuminates why OpenAI board said Altman “was not consistently candid”

    Insider report details clash over one board member's criticism in an academic paper.

  5. Due to AI, “We are about to enter the era of mass spying,” says Bruce Schneier

    Schneier: AI will enable a shift from observing actions to interpreting intentions, en masse.

  6. IBM, Meta form “AI Alliance” with 50 organizations to promote open source AI

    What's the opposite of OpenAI? IBM and Meta devise plan that includes 50 members.

  7. 1960s chatbot ELIZA beat OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 in a recent Turing test study

    AI chatbot deception paper suggests that some bots (and people) aren't very persuasive.

  8. Broadcom cuts at least 2,800 VMware jobs following $69 billion acquisition

    Broadcom hasn't said how many people will be affected, or much of anything else.

  9. ChatGPT is one year old. Here’s how it changed the tech world.

    Examining 365 days with OpenAI's bot: The good, the bad, the ugly—and the productive?

  10. Sam Altman officially back as OpenAI CEO: “We didn’t lose a single employee”

    Altman addresses Sutskever; Microsoft will serve observer role on new OpenAI board.

  11. How Huawei made a cutting-edge chip in China and surprised the US

    China's flagship smartphone maker pulled off the feat despite sanctions.

  12. 2 municipal water facilities report falling to hackers in separate breaches

    The facilities in Pennsylvania and Texas serve more than 2 million residents.

  1. Stable Diffusion XL Turbo can generate AI images as fast as you can type

    Even at home, SDXL Turbo can create detailed images with startling speed.

  2. Amazon unleashes Q, an AI assistant for the workplace

    Aimed at the office, Amazon Q can summarize docs and assist with programming tasks.

  3. Report: Apple and Goldman Sachs are breaking up over money-losing Apple Card

    Goldman Sachs has lost billions of dollars on its consumer-focused businesses.

  4. ownCloud vulnerability with maximum 10 severity score comes under “mass” exploitation

    Easy-to-exploit flaw gives hackers passwords and cryptographic keys to vulnerable servers.

  5. Mother plucker: Steel fingers guided by AI pluck weeds rapidly and autonomously

    Robot that uses AI to pull weeds may reduce poisonous herbicide use by 70% for some crops.

  6. Hackers spent 2+ years looting secrets of chipmaker NXP before being detected

    Chipmaker claims breach had no "material adverse effect."

  7. New “Stable Video Diffusion” AI model can animate any still image

    Given GPU and patience, SVD can turn any image into a 2-second video clip.

  8. Amazon’s $195 thin clients are repurposed Fire TV Cubes

    Amazon Workspaces Thin Client is a Fire TV Cube with different software.

  9. Thousands of routers and cameras vulnerable to new 0-day attacks by hostile botnet

    Internet scans show 7,000 devices may be vulnerable. The true number could be higher.

  10. USB worm unleashed by Russian state hackers spreads worldwide

    LitterDrifter's means of self-propagation are simple. So why is it spreading so widely?

  11. 95% of OpenAI employees have threatened to quit in standoff with board

    OpenAI's future hangs in the balance as staff says they'll join former CEO at Microsoft.

  12. OpenAI employees revolt after board names new CEO; Altman may head to Microsoft

    Ilya Sutskever announces regret; 700+ OpenAI employees sign letter asking board to resign.

  1. Sam Altman reportedly in talks for potential return as OpenAI CEO

    Altman's unpopular firing may be undone—if a deal can be worked out.

  2. The FCC says new rules will curb SIM swapping. I’m pessimistic

    SIM swaps and port-out scams are a fact of life. New rules aren't likely to change that.

  3. Details emerge of surprise board coup that ousted CEO Sam Altman at OpenAI

    Microsoft CEO "furious"; OpenAI president and 3 researchers resign. COO says "No malfeasance."

  4. OpenAI President Greg Brockman quits as shocked employees hold all-hands meeting

    Details emerge in Sam Altman firing, which blindsided Microsoft and investors.

  5. “Hallucinating” AI models help coin Cambridge Dictionary’s word of the year

    Cambridge: "When an artificial intelligence hallucinates, it produces false information."

  6. Ransomware group reports victim it breached to SEC regulators

    Group tells SEC that the victim is in violation for not reporting it was hacked.

  7. “Make It Real” AI prototype wows devs by turning drawings into working software

    Designer: "I think I need to go lie down."

  8. Unauthorized “David Attenborough” AI clone narrates developer’s life, goes viral

    "We observe the sophisticated Homo sapiens engaging in the ritual of hydration."

  9. No Bing, no Edge, no upselling: De-crufted Windows 11 coming to Europe soon

    Some changes will arrive for non-EU users, too, but not the easy removals.

  10. The “Windows App” for Mac, iOS, and browsers is a fancy remote desktop, for now

    Microsoft wants you in Windows, whether you're on iPad, Android, or Chrome OS.

  11. From toy to tool: DALL-E 3 is a wake-up call for visual artists—and the rest of us

    AI image synthesis is getting more capable at executing ideas, and it's not slowing down.

  12. Developers can’t seem to stop exposing credentials in publicly accessible code

    Many transgressions come from "very large companies that have robust security teams."