Kyle Orland /

Senior Gaming Editor

Kyle Orland has been the Senior Gaming Editor at Ars Technica since 2012, writing primarily about the business, tech, and culture behind video games. But he got his start writing about games back in 1997, when he set up fan site Super Mario Bros. HQ on the then-spacious 5 MB of free web server space included with his parents’ America Online subscription. Since then, Kyle has gone on to obtain journalism and computer science degrees from the University of Maryland and write for dozens of outlets ranging from NPR and MSNBC to Electronic Gaming Monthly and Paste Magazine. His most recent book -- Boss Fight Books' Minesweeper -- tells the surprising history of the ubiquitous Windows staple, with an excerpt available on this very site. Some of Kyle's best reporting and criticism has been gathered in two collections—The Game Beat and Save Point—both published by Carnegie Mellon’s ETC Press. He also authored Wii for Dummies and Farmville for Dummies as part of Wiley Publishing’s popular series of consumer-oriented guides.