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  1. Ex-Twitter exec sues Musk, says he was fired for objecting to budget cuts

    Fired exec suing Musk says he warned that budget cuts would harm FTC compliance.

  2. After hack, 23andMe gives users 30 days to opt out of class-action waiver

    Anyone who fails to opt out "will be deemed to have agreed to the new terms."

  3. Cable lobby to FCC: Please don’t look too closely at the prices we charge

    ISPs are scared about the FCC's plan to measure broadband affordability.

  4. Apple admits to secretly giving governments push notification data

    Apple to update transparency report to break out push notification data requests.

  5. Unproven AI face scans may estimate age for porn access in UK

    UK expects to finalize its latest plan to age-gate the Internet in early 2025.

  6. Tesla whistleblower calls cars with Autopilot “experiments in public roads”

    Whistleblower speaks out after Tesla sued him over document leaks.

  7. YouTuber pilot regrets intentionally crashing plane, gets 6 months in prison

    YouTuber took plea deal, dodged maximum sentence of 20 years.

  8. Green card applicants targeted by Section 702 foreign intelligence bill

    Immigrants and visitors would get same levels of scrutiny as suspected terrorists, spies.

  9. Hackers stole ancestry data of 6.9 million users, 23andMe finally confirmed

    Majority of impacted users are now being notified.

  10. Judge: Amazon “cannot claim shock” that bathroom spycams were used as advertised

    A West Virginia judge largely denied Amazon's motion to dismiss lawsuit.

  11. 25M homes will lose broadband discounts if Congress keeps stalling, FCC warns

    Funding calls get increasingly urgent as program would run out of money in April.

  12. X advertisers stay away as CEO defends Musk’s “go f*** yourself” interview

    "Elon's interview was candid and profound," Yaccarino writes in memo to staff.

  1. Montana’s TikTok ban blocked by federal judge

    Judge rules state was trying to target China rather than protect Montana residents.

  2. New chip-packaging facility could save TSMC’s Arizona fab from “paperweight” status

    Apple will be "first and largest customer" at new $2 billion packaging facility.

  3. Meta sues FTC, hoping to block ban on monetizing kids’ Facebook data

    Accused of violating kids' privacy, Facebook owner challenges FTC authority.

  4. Meta’s “overpriced” ad-free subscriptions make privacy a “luxury good”: EU suit

    Meta's terms for data collection are still too vague, consumer groups allege.

  5. Elon Musk on X antisemitism controversy: “Don’t advertise. Go f*** yourself”

    Musk says X advertiser backlash is "going to kill the company."

  6. Nvidia CEO: US chip independence may take 20 years to achieve

    US may take twice as long as Biden expects to build its own chip supply chain.

  7. Google to pay Canada’s “link tax,” drops threat of removing news from search

    Google previously threatened to remove Canadian news links from search and News.

  8. Google caught placing big-brand ads on hardcore porn sites, report says

    Brands demand transparency from Google after ads spotted in undesirable places.

  9. Web browser suspended because it can browse the web is back on Google Play

    Downloader app was suspended twice despite clear problems in DMCA notices.

  10. Backlash over fake female speakers shuts down developer conference

    Male organizer also accused of secretly running female coder Instagram account.

  11. Amazon packages reportedly overwhelm small post offices, delaying other mail

    USPS "agreement with Amazon is interfering with timely deliveries," senator says.

  12. Google Play keeps banning the same web browser due to vague DMCA notices

    Downloader app suspended by DMCA notice that didn't list any copyrighted works.

  1. Big brands keep dropping X over antisemitism; $75M loss, report estimates

    Creators worried advertisers dropping X could hurt revenue-sharing payouts.

  2. Meta routinely ignored reports of kids under 13 on Instagram, states allege

    Newly unredacted suit cites internal documents, including report to Zuckerberg.

  3. Elon Musk and Tesla ignored Autopilot’s fatal flaws, judge says evidence shows

    Tesla may owe punitive damages to victim as key trial over Autopilot proceeds.

  4. Sam Altman wins power struggle, returns to OpenAI with new board

    Altman has agreement to return, while most of the board that fired him is out.

  5. Binance slapped with $4B fine, accepts plea deal forcing CEO to resign

    Binance CEO popularly known as CZ names successor in emotional X post.

  6. Reports: Sam Altman in talks for OpenAI return; board members could be ousted

    "Altman would return only if the board members who fired him left," report says.

  7. Report: After Altman firing, OpenAI tried to merge with rival—and was rejected

    Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei quickly declined job offer and merger, reports say.

  8. Musk files lawsuit claiming Media Matters manipulated X by scrolling down

    In lawsuit, Musk says ads next to antisemitic posts are Media Matters' fault.

  9. Judge rejects Elon Musk’s attempt to kill Twitter/FTC privacy settlement

    Court cannot grant X Corp.'s flawed legal motion, magistrate judge rules.

  10. Hate speech group calls Musk “thin-skinned tyrant” amid X advertiser fallout

    Brands claim ad controls don’t work, urge X CEO to quit over antisemitism.

  11. After robotaxi dragged pedestrian 20 feet, Cruise founder and CEO resigns

    GM-owned Cruise "failed to disclose" full video and key crash details, DMV said.

  12. Apple fights EU gatekeeper status to avoid opening up services to rivals

    Labeling newcomer TikTok as a gatekeeper defeats the purpose of DMA, TikTok says.