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  1. Just about every Windows and Linux device vulnerable to new LogoFAIL firmware attack

    UEFIs booting Windows and Linux devices can be hacked by malicious logo images.

  2. The surprisingly robust careers of Star Trek stars who became video game voice actors

    Yes, that really is Quark's voice you're hearing.

  3. Porsche summons old-school cool with the 2024 911 Sport Classic

    The limited-production model focuses on driver involvement, not performance stats.

  4. X advertisers stay away as CEO defends Musk’s “go f*** yourself” interview

    "Elon's interview was candid and profound," Yaccarino writes in memo to staff.

  5. My long quest to revive a ’90s Windows gaming cult classic

    Pendulumania is a testament to addictive game design and Windows app portability.

  6. Win hardware, collectibles, and more in the 2023 Ars Technica Charity Drive

    Help yourself to prizes by helping us raise money for good causes.

  7. Cyber Monday 2023: The best deals on Lenovo, Herman Miller, Apple, Anker, Dyson, and more

    Cyber Week is here, and these are the best deals on Apple, Dyson, Lenovo, Vitamix, and more.

  8. Black Friday 2023: The latest tech deals on Apple, Lenovo, Dyson, Vitamix, and more

    The best savings on tech from laptops to headphones, TVs, Herman Miller chairs, and more.

  9. The Ars guide to time travel in the movies

    We picked 20 time-travel movies and rated them by scientific logic and entertainment value.

  10. The return of GTP racing to IMSA gets a big thumbs-up from fans

    Hybrid prototypes from Acura, BMW, Cadillac, and Porsche wowed the crowds.

  11. Sorry, doubters: Starship actually had a remarkably successful flight

    On just its second flight, Starship now is arguably as successful as NASA's SLS rocket.

  12. Cities: Skylines 2’s troubled launch, and why simulation games are freaking hard

    Elaborate parking booths, Q4 financials, game engines, and the nature of sims.

  13. From toy to tool: DALL-E 3 is a wake-up call for visual artists—and the rest of us

    AI image synthesis is getting more capable at executing ideas, and it's not slowing down.

  14. Review: Steam Deck OLED’s brilliant screen fixes the portable’s biggest flaw

    New upgrade packs plenty of quality-of-life improvements but no power boost.

  15. In a first, cryptographic keys protecting SSH connections stolen in new attack

    An error as small as a single flipped memory bit is all it takes to expose a private key.

  16. Is the NFL making progress in tackling its concussion crisis?

    Concussion counts are not as objective as they may seem.

  17. If the next Starship makes it through staging, you can call that a win

    A key moment will come 2 minutes and 41 seconds into the next Starship test flight.

  18. The European Space Agency may have a bullying problem

    Ex-employees, ESA documents, and court cases point to longstanding problems.

  19. Review: Apple’s 16-inch M3 Max MacBook Pro crams Ultra-level speed into a laptop

    A solid generational upgrade for a laptop that wouldn't be possible with Intel.

  20. Why OLED monitor burn-in isn’t a huge problem anymore

    Burn-in likelihood has to do with the user and OEM, not just OLED materials.

  21. After decades of dreams, a commercial spaceplane is almost ready to fly

    “Plunging into the ocean is awful. Landing on a runway is really nice."

  22. There was a heavy dose of the future at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show

    As the auto show tries to reinvent itself, Japan lets some interesting ideas loose.

  23. Android 14 review: There’s always next year

    Android 14 offers a lightly customizable lock screen and not much else.

  24. Elon Musk’s chaotic first year at Twitter leaves X Corp. with shaky finances

    X has fewer users and a big ad-revenue problem on Musk's first anniversary.

  25. How to make almost any computer a modern-day PLATO terminal

    A dive into the past, whether you're using a vintage or new computer.

  26. Will ChatGPT’s hallucinations be allowed to ruin your life?

    Earliest lawsuits reveal how AI giants likely plan to dodge defamation claims.

  27. Swytch DIY e-bike conversion kits: A very, very long-term review

    What it's like buying, installing, and riding an e-bike upgrade.

  28. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the most inventive 2D Mario in decades

    Inspired "Wonder Flower" effects add to great sound and animation.

  29. Spider-Man 2 review: Best-in-class comic-action melodrama

    An engrossing, expanded NYC makes up for some hackneyed storytelling.

  30. Here are 10 ways that Porsche’s race cars made road cars better

    From the 550 Spyder to the Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid and beyond.

  31. Meta Quest 3 hands-on review: VR rejoins the real world

    A nice VR upgrade also offers a glimpse of a mixed-reality future.

  32. Pixel 8 Pro review—The best Android phone

    7 years of updates, a flat screen, and better face unlock highlight Google's latest.

  33. Net neutrality’s court fate depends on whether broadband is “telecommunications”

    We dig deep into how Supreme Court's "major questions doctrine" could affect FCC.

  34. Long gone, DEC is still powering the world of computing

    One of the early pioneers in computing, the company disappeared in the late 1990s.

  35. It seemed like a good idea at the time: 9 car designs that went nowhere

    Flying cars, amphicars, two-engined cars, steam cars—not every idea is a good one.

  36. Shift Happens is a beautifully designed history of how keyboards got this way

    Marcin Wichary on his long quest to capture everything that shaped modern type.

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