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  1. Intel, of all companies, knocks AMD’s CPU numbering in now-deleted presentation

    When it comes to recycling and rebranding old chips, no one's hands are clean.

  2. iMessage will reportedly dodge EU regulations, won’t have to open up

    iMessage isn't popular enough with businesses to force interoperability.

  3. AMD’s new Ryzen 8040 laptop chips look a lot like the Ryzen 7040 CPUs

    Improved AI performance is this familiar-looking chip's main innovation.

  4. Volumetric LED candle looks the same from any angle—and looks like amazing work

    Re-creating a candle's multi-angle glow requires a lot of small-scale soldering.

  5. Google Search results are showing Reddit URLs altered to include a slur

    Google "indexing those malformed URLs and serving them instead of the correct ones."

  6. Apple wants iPhone 16 batteries to come from India, not China

    Apple is looking to diversify its supply chains amid growing geopolitical tension.

  7. PlayStation is erasing 1,318 seasons of Discovery shows from customer libraries

    The change comes as Warner Bros. tries to add subscribers to Max, Discovery+ apps.

  8. The OnePlus 12 packs a 5400 mAh battery, up to 24GB of RAM

    As usual, OnePlus is launching first in China, with a US launch happening in 2024.

  9. Windows 10 gets three more years of security updates, if you can afford them

    Windows 10 gets a version of the program that extended updates for Windows 7.

  10. Beeper Mini for Android sends and receives iMessages, no Mac server required

    Co-founder says it's a security improvement for everyone and should be legal.

  11. Streaming apps are trying to bundle their way out of customer disenchantment

    Reliably good prices, libraries, and features would impress customers more.

  12. Gmail’s AI-powered spam detection is its biggest security upgrade in years

    Gmail's spam filters can now understand "adversarial text manipulations."

  1. Chrome’s next weapon in the War on Ad Blockers: Slower extension updates

    When ad blocking is a cat-and-mouse game, make the mouse slower.

  2. Steam drops macOS Mojave support, effectively ending life for many 32-bit games

    After February 15, all bets are off for Steam on High Sierra and Mojave Macs.

  3. Reddit updates look after rough 6 months and ahead of reported IPO

    "Edit: Obligatory 'F--- Spez' for karma."

  4. The Great Google Account Purge starts tomorrow for inactive users

    Any accounts lined up for deletion should have gotten warning emails by now.

  5. Netflix lands its first big-name games with Grand Theft Auto trilogy

    Package includes GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas.

  6. MacBook Air gets solid-state active cooling in intriguing demo

    Proof-of-concept explores alternative to fans for sustained, heavy workloads.

  7. BBC BASIC remains a remarkable learning tool, and now it’s available everywhere

    42 years later, there's still work to be done in spreading the BBC Micro gospel.

  8. Google Drive users say Google lost their files; Google is investigating

    Google tells users to not delete local Drive profile data while it investigates.

  9. Microsoft’s ugly sweater for 2023 is Windows XP’s iconic default wallpaper

    The world's most-recognizable default wallpaper is back, in sweater form.

  10. Guidemaster: Game controllers to turn your smartphone into a mobile gaming machine

    Amp up your smartphone gaming experience with these game controllers.

  11. Amazon’s $195 thin clients are repurposed Fire TV Cubes

    Amazon Workspaces Thin Client is a Fire TV Cube with different software.

  12. Google says bumpy Pixel 8 screens are nothing to worry about

    Display "bumps" are components pushing into the OLED panel.

  1. Researchers figure out how to bypass the fingerprint readers in most Windows PCs

    Microsoft's Surface didn't even use the Microsoft-developed security protocol.

  2. Cyber Monday 2023: The best deals on Lenovo, Herman Miller, Apple, Anker, Dyson, and more

    Cyber Week is here, and these are the best deals on Apple, Dyson, Lenovo, Vitamix, and more.

  3. Black Friday 2023: The latest tech deals on Apple, Lenovo, Dyson, Vitamix, and more

    The best savings on tech from laptops to headphones, TVs, Herman Miller chairs, and more.

  4. These newest vacuums from 2023 clean up well

    Consider a robot vacuum, stick vacuum, or combo wet-dry vacuum as a holiday gift.

  5. Lenovo seeks halt of Asus laptop sales over alleged patent infringement

    Zenbooks accused of ripping off hinge, touchpad, and other inventions.

  6. Nvidia’s GeForce GPUs are selling well, but its AI GPU sales are ridiculous

    Data center revenue is up 279% from the same quarter last year.

  7. “ChatGPT with voice” opens up to everyone on iOS and Android

    All Android and iOS users can soon tap a headphone icon and start chatting.

  8. Report: Sonos will launch its fancy headphones next spring

    Report claims Sonos is expanding into new products to make up for slowing sales.

  9. The best soundbar and TV deals for Black Friday 2023

    Upgrade your home theater with these sweet TV and soundbar deals.

  10. The best Black Friday 2023 headphone deals from Apple, Bose, and more

    Black Friday week brings in the best headphone deals we've seen all year.

  11. Ultrawide monitors remind us there’s still much to learn about OLED burn-in

    Can playing 16:9 content on a 21:9 screen affect burn-in risk? Apparently.

  12. Amazon lays off Alexa employees as 2010s voice-assistant boom gives way to AI

    Amazon has had a notoriously hard time making money from Alexa.