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  1. The Morgan XP-1 is an extremely eccentric English electric vehicle

    The three-wheel convertible EV weighs little, so should actually be quite efficient.

  2. Want a small, cheap EV? The Fiat 500e is coming to the US in 2024

    The diminutive Italian electric city car has an EPA range of 149 miles.

  3. Electric vehicles are better than gas-powered cars in winter—here’s why

    All cars lose range when the temperature drops below freezing, not just EVs.

  4. Automakers’ data privacy practices “are unacceptable,” says US senator

    OEMs collect too much personal data and share it too freely, says Senator Markey.

  5. Why don’t EVs have standard diagnostic ports—and when will that change?

    OBD-II was implemented to monitor emissions, but EVs don't have tailpipes.

  6. Porsche summons old-school cool with the 2024 911 Sport Classic

    The limited-production model focuses on driver involvement, not performance stats.

  7. Automakers must build cheaper, smaller EVs to spur adoption, report says

    16.5% of new car sales are compact crossovers, but only 6% of those are EVs.

  8. Hyundai and Kia completely rethink the EV drive unit with Uni Wheel idea

    It moves the reduction gear and CV joint to the wheel hub.

  9. Automatic bike transmission concept is wild and spiky—and could be a big shift

    Solo inventor says he's not out to replace gears, just offer an alternative.

  10. Elon’s Edsel? The Tesla Cybertruck went on sale today

    Tesla handed over the first 10 trucks to customers, with more deliveries in 2024.

  11. Hyundai Ioniq 6 tops list of fastest-charging EVs; Chevy Bolt ranks last

    The consumer advice publication tested 43 EVs to see which added the most miles fastest.

  12. EVs have 79% more reliability problems than gas cars, says Consumer Reports

    Teething problems abound with new electric powertrains.

  1. Tough battery-sourcing requirement for EV tax credit may be relaxed

    It all hinges on how the US Treasury defines "foreign entities of concern."

  2. Car dealers say they can’t sell EVs, tell Biden to slow their rollout

    The US already lags far behind China and Europe, but we're going too fast, dealers say.

  3. Job losses likely at VW as the people’s car brand becomes uncompetitive

    Management says high costs and low productivity are a big problem.

  4. The 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale is a confoundingly charming plug-in hybrid

    Faults that should have been frustrating just seem to add character when it's an Alfa.

  5. Do the Black Friday e-bike deals change the price/performance equation?

    Some of the bikes we've looked at over the last couple of years are now on sale.

  6. Porsche’s third-gen Panamera plug-in hybrid pairs V8 with a big battery

    We also test out the optional—and slightly odd—active ride system.

  7. Cold temperatures in Las Vegas were “most difficult,” says Pirelli

    In the future, F1 teams may need to adapt to using fewer tires each weekend.

  8. After driving the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, I finally get EV “engine” sounds

    Fake gearshifts and powertrain noises enhance Hyundai’s electric hot hatch—mostly.

  9. Small-batch EVs and plenty of robots—Hyundai’s new innovation center

    The Korean automaker's latest facility is a test bed for new ideas.

  10. The return of GTP racing to IMSA gets a big thumbs-up from fans

    Hybrid prototypes from Acura, BMW, Cadillac, and Porsche wowed the crowds.

  11. After robotaxi dragged pedestrian 20 feet, Cruise founder and CEO resigns

    GM-owned Cruise "failed to disclose" full video and key crash details, DMV said.

  12. F1’s videogame-like Las Vegas race defied critics’ complaints

    After the first day of practice, many were ready to write off the event completely.

  1. The reincarnation of totaled Teslas—in Ukraine

    Cars deemed unfixable in North America are resurrected in Eastern Europe.

  2. Sensible power output makes the DBA Mini eMastered a huge amount of fun

    Think of it as an alternative to a supercar.

  3. 280 million e-bikes are slashing oil demand far more than electric vehicles

    E-bikes and scooters displace 4x as much demand for oil as all of the EVs in the world.

  4. Lotus Eletre R is a 900-horsepower SUV that weirdly slays the competition

    Lotus is ready to sell you a super EV SUV. What is it, and can it be a winner?

  5. Massive power makes this electric restomod Mini Cooper a handful

    We sample a mini with Tesla power, and another with a mid-mounted V6 motor.

  6. With each iteration, this supercar gets better—the McLaren 750S, tested

    How do you improve on the McLaren 720S? More power, less weight, sharper handling.

  7. The Trek FX+ 2 e-bike is a jack-of-all-trades

    Review: Trek's hybrid FX+ 2 e-bike puts cycling front and center.

  8. Rivian blames “fat finger” for infotainment-bricking software update

    Some affected Rivian EVs may require physical servicing to fix the problem.

  9. GM will build F1 powertrains in 2028 as long as F1 lets Andretti in

    An engine program should answer questions about General Motors' commitment to F1.

  10. Tesla threatened to sue buyers who resell Cybertruck without written permission

    Deleted clause threatened $50,000+ suits when buyers resell in one year or less.

  11. A lithium mine for EV batteries is coming to Arkansas, says Exxon

    With EV incentives tied to domestic battery content, US lithium mines are needed.

  12. This inside-out design solves most of the rotary engine’s problems

    LiquidPiston's designs will show up first in UAVs and generators.