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Serie 01: The Colony // Variant 00

First release

These three - the Queen, the Worker and the Drone - are the first of all variants.

The queen is the most important in the hive. Without the queen, there is no future for the colony. She is the only one who lays eggs, and she can live up to 5 years (some witnessed ages of 7!).

The workers are numerous, they are the driving force behind the colony. Without them, there is no colony. They have many roles in their live, are all females, and although they have a reproductive organ - they cannot lay eggs! (in rare cases unfertilized eggs)

The Drone is the lazy clumsy male. His sole life goal is to procreate, and he has huge eyes to help him spot a virgin queen in special Drone Congregration Areas (DCA - no joke).

Holding a full set (1Q +1W +1D) gives you access to the "Hollow Tree"

The original nesting place of Honey Bees - a hollow tree. These nesting sites are becoming more and more rare, as managed forests have become the standard.

They offer excellent isolation and are rarely disturbed.

In absence of hollow trees, honey bees will find many other places to nest: chimneys, hollow walls, compost bins, old furniture, and so on.


Buzz B. Keypur


November 2021


01: The Colony
02: Bee Homes




01.Queen x 50
02.Worker x 100
03.Drone x 150
01.Hollow Tree (s2) x 50