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More than just another NFT project

Globuzz &
Buzz B. Keypur

Starting from a young age, Buzz B. Keypur has been widely fascinated by bees. He found out soon enough that you are supposed to study, get a job, retire at 65. That never felt right to him. He decided to go all-in on the bees rightaway.

Through his passionate connection with the bees, he refused to apply a industrial aproach to his beekeeping, and always had the bee's welfare at first place. This seemed to be harder than he thought, especially as he had also to create an income for himself. Challenge after challenge came on the bees' path, untill a last blow decimated his number of colonies.

A terrible experience, especially for the bees, but one that would only drive him more to do what he can to contribute to a more healthier and balanced environment.

>> Buzz B. Keypur started Globuzz, to bring attention to the difficult situation bees, insects and other species face in our world. Being involved with Globuzz means having fun, learning a lot about bees, and and working towards a shared goal: a fair and balanced biodiversity for all.