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Globuzz brings attention to the difficult situation bees and insects face in our world, a loss of biodiversity.

Being involved with Globuzz means having fun, learning a lot about bees, and working towards a shared goal: a fair and balanced biodiversity for all.

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Globuzz releases NFTs which are unique artworks made by Buzz B. Keypur. Apart from being educative and creating awareness, they enable Globuzz to improve circumstances for bees, insects and other vital species in real life.

Behind Globuzz is an organisation based in the Netherlands - The Facing Bees Foundation - to which all proceeds go. The foundation has as mission to promote and conserve biodiversity worldwide.
  • Serie 1: The Colony
The collection

The collection

The first series has been released in November 2021. Learn more about these NFTs Globuzz Cards.

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Buzz B. Keypur (Milan)

Beekeeper/queen rearer in real life and the driving force behind Globuzz. Bees and insects have always been an enormous fascination for him. He has 10 years of experience in many aspects of the beekeeping sector - national and international. From practical beekeeping and queen rearing to contributing to bee friendly policies. These experiences allowed him to get a broad view of the challenges bees face today. 

The Bees

Millions of years have they survived to become the honey bees we know today - Apis Mellifera. They are highly efficient in pollinating crops and without them it would be very likely that our diet would become a lot sparser and more expensive. While old hollow trees in forests provided them with many suitable nesting places, it is with regret to say that those are becoming more and more rare. Now, they find their new housing in chimneys, attics, hollow walls, compost bins and the hives that humans have created. It's not easy - pesticides, habitat loss, exotic pests and predators, climate change, and more - make it a challenge to ensure their survival in long term. But as long as they can, they'll happily buzz around in search for flowers.

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Buzz us

We are at the Globuzz hive to answer your questions. Whether it is about bees or NFTs.

Buzz is often outside running after bees and other insects, so you might not get instant responses to your enquiries, but he will try his best to answer each question as soon as possible.